Dilnoza 2Dilnoza Muslimova, a successful WIUT graduate and a former research assistant at WIUT from 2014 to 2016. She is in her second year of Research Master in Economics & Business (MPhil) 2016-2018 cohort, University of Groningen. Her research is focused around Health Economics and current supervisors are Prof. Viola Angelini and Prof. Raun van Ooijen.

Dilnoza talks about her interest to economics:

“I have never dreamt of becoming an economist, but I have always been analytically minded student. During my first year at WIUT, it became crystal clear to me that I need an analytically rigorous program, and among those offered, BSc in Economics with Finance was the most appropriate. My genuine interest in economics sparked since taking Foundations of Economics at WIUT, when I truly enjoyed researching and writing the coursework and preparing for the exam. Importantly, my interest did not fade away. Gradually, I have learnt how wide and interdisciplinary the field has grown, and how practical and flexible are knowledge and skills acquired while studying economics, be it corporate world, public policy, or academia. Since then, I am exploring various subfields of this “Queen of Social Sciences” aspiring to become a well-rounded professional and to be able to focus my career around the most preferred subfield.”

Dilnoza says that Research Assistanship Programme at WIUT is a unique opportunity to:

  • Engage and lead in a wide range of teaching, learning, and research projects, including IFPRI research internship contest, PGCert in Teaching & Learning, the GDN grant application, the Globalization & World Economy course, and the WIUT-UofW Summer School
  • Gain a staff member's perspective on how the transnational academic institution operates in the context of a developing country
  • Abundantly learn from students, fellow, and senior colleagues, and participates in a variety of professional trainings and workshops, e.g. WIUT Staff Research training, annual Jamborees of Economists, and ADB Conference 2016
  • High quality advice and mentoring from senior colleagues on further education and professional development, which I will always deeply appreciate!