angelinaRecently Angelina Nazarova has successfully obtained Master's degree in M.Sc. Economics with major in Macroeconomics and International Economics at the University of Konstanz, Germany, with the best grade of 1.0 for her Master thesis. According to the 2016 ranking of the universities under the age of 50, University of Konstanz achieved the 1st place in Germany and 7th place in the world. The strong emphasis on research and analytical/computational skills is one of the crucial features of the M.Sc. Economics programme. With the solid background and adequate skills acquired throughout her studies at WIUT and University of Konstanz, Angelina was admitted to several PhD programs in Europe this year. After careful consideration, she decided to become part of the PhD program at the University of Bologna in Italy, the oldest academic institution in the Western World. From the 2nd semester during her Master's studies she started working as a Research Assistant for Associate Prof. Dr. Georgi Kocharkov in the field of Macroeconomics and Development. Currently, she is still collaborating with him on the joint project.

Angelina talks about Research Assistantship Programme at WIUT:

“I'm happy and honored to be part of Research Assistants family at WIUT. This experience was life changing for me, therefore, I would recommend those students who are interested in research, teaching or trying something new and exciting within academia to join Research Assistant program at WIUT. I would say that this experience will be interesting, varied, inspiring and rewarding. My message to the future Research Assistants is the following: The common saying at the University of Konstanz is that research calls for curiosity, dedication and concentration. Therefore, try to be proactive, independent and determined! Dream big and do not be scared of challenges. There are no failures, just experience. Stay motivated to pursue your goals, and do not forget to enjoy the research!”

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