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Postgraduate courses at Westminster International University in Tashkent (WIUT) this is your conscious choice to unleash your full potential. Here you will test your willingness to excel and challenge everything you learned before.

Once you decide to join WIUT, you will immerse in the unique atmosphere of development complemented by an exceptional offer.


• Internationally recognized diploma of the University of Westminster (London)
• Faculty with an international background and extensive experience
• Opportunity to join the WIUT Alumni society with 3000+ members around the globe
• Schedule designed for working specialists (classes start at 18.30)
• Networking with professionals from various sectors
• Contemporary facilities including a sports complex and learning resource center with almost 50k resources


More than 340 professionals have challenged themselves and already joined the WIUT Alumni Society.
This is what they say about their experience


* according to survey of postgraduate alumni


Choose your way to distinction


Find an answer on your question in this FAQ

Is WIUT diploma eligible outside of Uzbekistan?

Yes. On completion of study a WIUT graduate is awarded by diploma of the University of Westminster (London) without mentioning of WIUT. The diploma is international and recognized abroad as British degree.

What’s TOEFL equivalent of IELTS?

TOEFL 92-103 equals to minimum requirement of IELTS 6.5

Will I be able to combine my work with the study?
Yes. Schedule of postgraduate courses was developed specially for working professionals. Classes are held twice a week from 18.30 to 21.00
What is the difference between MA and MBA?

The MBA program is a specific type of master's degree which focuses inherently on business skills.
Master's-level programs may include programs in finance, entrepreneurship, engineering, education, hospitality and tourism and even fashion. In a traditional Masters programme, hard skills are the main focus. In the MBA, students are expected to already have adequate hard skills, so the focus is on soft skills. In addition, professors act more like supervisors, while in Masters programmes they usually lecture students on the specifics of a subject.
Both master's and MBA degree programs offer attractive options to get ahead and be viable for more senior ranking positions and the benefits that go along with that status.

Why do I need a master’s degree?
  1. Investing in your future self

  2. Standing out in today’s competitive job market

  3. Building a network

  4. Gaining a more comprehensive education

  5. Increasing financial prospects

  6. Earning academic recognition

  7. Ascertaining the ability to work with the best

  8. Pursuing a more globalized perspective

How is the WIUT LLM adopted to Uzbek legislation?

LLM Modules discuss the international commercial law in Uzbek law context. It also includes cross-border measures, foreign direct investment policy of host country.

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