Uzbekistan women in STEM: meeting with Nargiza Kushakova Featured

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On 30th of June, Westminster International University in Tashkent welcomed Nargiza Kushakova, Territory business manager at Cisco. During the meeting Nargiza told about her education, experience in science, and how women can successfully combine work and family.

Nargiza develops her career in one of the leading global companies in telecommunications - Cisco, starting her professional path as an intern and  as now holding responsibility for company operations in regions of Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan.

Throughout over 12 years career in telecommunications Nargiza evolved professionally just as her company from telephony to scalable telecommunication stsems for large enterprises, covering requirements for security, reliability and durability. She started working as a systems engineeer and now is responsible for business operations and sales in region and overall for the strategy development on trusted territories. 

Nargiza holds bachelor and masters degrees from Tashkent University of Information Technologies and also continued her research and teaching activities during her postgraduate studies.

Nargiza is not only the example of a successful woman in telecommunications, but also example of technology engineering employee who is also effective in performing tasks on operations, sales and regional business development.

This meeting was organized in the framework of "Uzbekistan women in STEM" project, which aims on raising awareness  for the issue of small population of female students and workforce in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) fields, motivating and spreading success stories of 12 women of Uzbekistan who brilliantly developed their careers in STEM and brainstorming and discussion of challenges of women career development and education in STEM. It is implemented through organization of monthly events in a form of panel discussion and interview with 12 women in STEM, informal discussions, Q&A.