The Republican Contest “’Taffakur Sinovlari” Featured

Published in NEWS WIUT

WIUT held the second stage of the Republican Contest named “Taffakur Sinovlari”

The contest is aimed at deepening university students’ knowledge in law, politics and history, as well as developing the skills by putting the theoretical knowledge into practice. Moreover, the contest creates an opportunity to identify youth talent and their intellectual and spiritual capacity.

The contest consists of four stages, which includes the competition among courses of the university, then the winners compete among other universities.

This year winner, the team of Russian State University of Oil and Gas (NRU) named after Gubkin in Tashkent “Exclusive” took the first place.

Students of WIUT participated in the second stage of the contest "Taffakur Sinovlari - 2019" that held on 22nd of April, at the branch of Moscow State University named after Lomonosov in Tashkent city. 

The students of WIUT were awarded a second place in this contest. 

Here's the list of participants from WIUT:

1. Davron Muslimov
2. Zumrad Ergasheva
3. Dilbar Abdumalikova
4. Khondamir Rakhimov
5. Iskandarbek Bakhodirbekov
6. Firdavs Khadjaev