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Sustainable Development and Globalization course 2019-2020 Featured

Published in NEWS WIUT

Westminster International University in Tashkent (WIUT) provides a valuable chance for students and designs Sustainable Development and Globalization course 2019-2020. Throughout the course that will apply case studies, media, interactive group work, debate, and other special techniques the students will develop a broad vision and an analytical/critical mindset including the ability to compose in-depth analyses of Sustainable Development and Globalization to contribute to the development of nations in a sustainable way

The Sustainable Development Goals are the agenda that aims to take the measure of global challenges by addressing aspects of poverty, health, climate, environment, and peace and prosperity. This motivational agenda lays actions to secure the planet and spur economic growth so that people feel safe and have access to all resources. In a globalized world, there is a concern today that refers to the implementation of sustainability principles on economic, legal, political, cultural, and social levels of every country.

This extra-curricular year-long course will be held this year on Wednesdays (4 pm - 5:30 pm), IB 201.

To register for the course, please fill in the form available at: 

The application form is compulsory to fill in and will be assessed based on the student’s motivation and commitment.

The registration deadline is October 12, 2019.