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Robotics Summer School Featured

Published in NEWS WIUT

From 5 till 29th of June Westminster International University in Tashkent students took part in Robotics Summer School. The project undertaken had a real life application.

The robotics is the branch of the computer science, the mechanical engineering, and the electrical engineering that deals with the construction, the design, the operation and the application of robots as well as the computer systems for their control, sensory feedback, and information processing.


The course was seen as an initial step in transforming WIUT into the Smart University. Smart university is an emerging and rapidly evolving area that creatively integrates innovative concepts; smart software and hardware systems; smart classrooms with state-of-the-art technologies and technical platforms; smart pedagogy based on modern teaching and learning strategies; smart learning and academic analytics; as well as various branches of computer science and computer engineering.


Durdona Bakhronova, the participant of the course, stated that she found her strong passion to robotics during INHA’s “Women Techmaker’s” conference. This  drove her later to apply for the project. Before that, she already had some experience and knowledge in this area. “It was really amazing, and at the same time, unexpected to have such a practical summer course in here. At the beginning we really started to develop and create, while I thought that there will be just theories, and it will be boring maybe. It was really fun to make the all robotics staff and writing a code for the hardware. ”- she says.