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Legal aspects of capital market Featured

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CAPITAL MARKET is a market of material or monetary resources used as investments in production. Through the capital market, most of the money coming from private investors, banks, pension funds, insurance companies, etc., is invested in commercial, industrial projects, securities or property in order to generate income.

In capital markets, various operations are carried out that correspond to the main market segments. Among them are foreign exchange operations, operations on the derivatives market (derivatives), operations on the insurance services market, operations on the bank credit market, operations on the debt securities market, operations on the government securities market, operations on the stock market, operations with securities (stock market operations).

The Westminster International University in Tashkent (WIUT) together with the Capital Market Development Agency provides a course “Legal Aspects of the Capital Market” on the territory of the university for interested legal entities.

Lecturers: Practicing lawyers and teachers with vast experience in this field.

What is the capital market?

What is the capital market? What are the legal foundations of the capital market? How to become a participant in the capital market? How to transform into a joint-stock company? How to work with securities in the capital market? How to place securities on the capital market? How to become an investor in the capital market? How to issue and handle government shares?

Who is this course for?

For lawyers and specialists of the corporate department, as well as specialists related to the securities market of joint-stock companies and limited liability companies. This course will help organizations coordinate their presence in the capital market and teach lawyers how to use the capital market for the sale and purchase of securities.

Course Program Overview:

In this course, you can learn more about the capital market of Uzbekistan and the legal aspects of transactions in this market. You will learn about technologies for the issuance, sale, and purchase of securities, the redistribution of free capital and their investment in various profitable financial assets.

Course program:
1. Familiarization with the capital market and its instruments.
2. The legal basis of the capital market.
3. How to become a professional participant in the capital market.
4. How to transform into a joint-stock company.
5. Corporate governance: the procedure for holding regular and extraordinary general meetings of shareholders and meetings of the supervisory board.
6. Rules for the issue and listing of securities.
7. Positive and negative aspects of listing.
8. The rules for the placement and circulation of securities.
9. Review of insider trading and acquisition legislation.
10. Protection of investors in the capital market.
11. Government bonds and the procedure for their issue (distinguishing features).
12. Derivative shares. Legal aspects of derivatives.
Course Duration: 48 hours
Date: 11/04/2019 (every Monday and Thursday)
Time: 17:00 - 21:00
Language: Training takes place in Russian
Course price (per participant): 3 300 000 UZS.
Discount available: Two or more participants from one organization

Each participant who successfully completes this course will be provided with a certificate with joint accreditation of the Capital Market Development Agency and MVUT.

Detailed information:
+998 71 2387443
+998 71 2387400 (ext. 560)
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