Guest Lecture with Murod Nazarov Featured

Published in NEWS WIUT

On 24th September, WIUT Career Centre presented a new project “School of success”. The project aims to provide students great opportunity to meet successful experts from different fields such as Business, Management, Finance, Arts and Communications, Media Industry and Music, Computer Technology and Education.

The project “School of Success” has been designed for students who wish to meet their perspective idols and to walk them through their incredible as well as challenging journey following by the guest lectures, which will be held once every two weeks.

Thus, the first guest lecture was Murod Nazarov, who is the founder and CEO of Murod Buildings, which is one of the biggest real estate construction companies in Uzbekistan.

Mr Murod Nazarov who has been truly one of the biggest positive influencers on many generations, shared his experience in the real estate business along with the management and adopting a lifestyle that will be useful for you to plan your future accordingly.