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During the Academic Engagement Day, leading professionals from Internet Development organizations will provide the audience with a better understanding of the Internet and its operation, the impact of Internet for the Development and raising the innovative economy. We will cover technical services and organizations that form the fundamentals of the Internet ecosystem. Equipped with this knowledge we dive into some of the latest tech buzzwords and end this part with an interactive session on the disruptive force of the Internet.

Vahan Hovsepyan from RIPE NCC will provide information about I* organizations and different opportunities to get involved in the RIPE NCC ecosystem.

Alex Semenyaka will talk about economic models of telecom operators today and tomorrow as well as will represent the technical basics of the Internet.

Mikhail Anisimov from Coordination Center for .RU and .РФ will talk about a story of Internet Governance as a discipline and how it was affected by technical innovations. He will show the correlations between the way how the internet was built and how is it was governed and the evolution of this process. 

Natalia Mochu from ICANN will represent ICANN multistakeholder model, it’s role in Internet Governance ecosystem and the opportunities that are open for Central Asia to get to ICANN

Lianna Galstyan from APRALO and UN MAG will talk on the role of end-users and Internet development, and how end users can participate in decision-making processes.

Ceren Unal from ISOC will deliver a presentation on internet Society@Central Asia.

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The course is open for university faculty, students, industry professionals and all other interested parties.