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Please join us to congratulate Nargiza Alimukhamedova, Lecturer in Business Management, with her successful participation in the 12th Annual Russian Summer School for Institutional Analysis, organized by the Center for Institutional Studies, National Research University Higher School of Economics. She received the "Best Discussant" award for being most helpful with useful comments and interesting ideas. She also received the second award - invitation to present her research project in the Analytics for Management and Economics Conference in St. Petersburg later this year.

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RSSIA lecture

Well done, Nargiza! and in her own words below:

  • I would like to thank you and WIUT faculty fund for supporting participation in Russian Summer School on Institutional Analysis (RSSIA 2018) that took place in Moscow during June 30-July 6, 2018.

Hereby I am pleased to share with my impressions and strongly encourage other colleagues to participate:

  • RSSIA program has been already operating for the past 11 years establishing the credible reputation of an elite academic events on Institutional Economics, the platform for meeting young researchers across globe and top experts in the field. The host of RSSIA is a Higher School of Economics (HSE), leading University in Russia and internationally. 
  • This year it was twelfth round of RSSIA and it was a remarkable experience of balanced mix of topical lectures, participant presentations and feedback discussion sessions. RSSIA 2018 has gathered top international scholars working on various areas of institutional economics.
  • It was an amazing and impressive presentation of Prof.  John Nye (George Mason University, HSE) on his book “Tax, war, wine, and taxes: the political economy of Anglo-French trade, 1689-1900”. Prof. Alexey Bessudnov (Uni. of Exeter) presented his ambitious RCT study on ethnic discrimination in Russian labour market. Prof. Paola Valbonesi (Uni. of Padova), Dr. Anna Kochanova (Cardiff), and Prof. Koen Schoors (Ghent) shared their fascinating and inspirational studies on optimal contract design of public procurement projects, measuring corruption, political connections.  Prof. Maria Yudkevich (HSE Vice Rector) provided assessment of Research Excellence Framework 5-to-100 initiative in Russia. The event was culminated with a guest lecture of Prof. Ruben Enikopolov (forthcoming Rector of NES) on assessing the role of social media and VKontakte on politics in Russia.
  • RSSIA 2018 program was quite dynamic as all participants had to present their research projects and provide their feedback for discussant papers. Both presentations were competitively evaluated by participants and panel of experts. The event was thus very beneficial for receiving professional comments and suggestions for drastic improvements. I am very delighted to share of being awarded with “Best Discussant Award” for being most helpful with useful comments and interesting ideas. The event was very fruitful as I’ve been also awarded based on competitive evaluation with an award to participate and present research project in St. Petersburg Conference on Analytics for Management and Economics Conference (https://amec.hse.ru/)  scheduled for September 2018.
  • Finally, RSSIA was a great place to meet, cooperate and exchange ideas on research projects with 25 participants from leading Universities of Russia, Europe and US. I was quite impressed with high level of research projects of both participants and experts. I strongly recommend this event for young scholars and researchers.
  • The calls for the next RSSIA 2019 should be available on HSE site: https://rssia.hse.ru/