Core modules

Economic Growth and Development

The module helps students to critically evaluate recent developments in theory and policy of development economics; confidently apply the standard growth models to analyse economic issues and behavior of government, consumers and producers. Evaluate appropriate advanced methodological approaches and their effectiveness; undertake analysis of quality of available data/evidence and judge the appropriateness of the methodologies used; evaluate economic policies and their impact on economic developments in developed as well as developing countries.

Research Methods
Microeconomic Analysis
Data Analytics
Macroeconomic Fluctuations and Analysis

Optional modules

Contemporary Finance and its applications

The module helps students to demonstrate an understanding of contemporary security analysis and valuation; and the ability to apply the techniques and skills to relevant real-world financial issues; critically evaluate processes of investment decision making in corporate entities, portfolio management tools and techniques; formulate and construct risk models of corporate and/or public entities and create tools/aids for determining, quantifying and monitoring various forms of risk in real world scenarios; analyse and critically evaluate the key concepts, processes and tools used in financial risk management.

Advanced topics in Econometrics
International trade and factor movements