Core modules

Foundations of International Commercial Law

The module aims to provide deep and systematic knowledge of concepts and principles in international commercial law, with specific emphasis on the law of obligations and sales; develop skills of analysis, application and evaluation of the concepts and contexts of international commercial law; develop a critical understanding of the legal rules affecting the international sale of goods contract; develop high level research skills in International Commercial Law and its related fields; promote awareness of the underpinning socio-economic and political contexts within which International Commercial Law operates


The module aims to provide deep and systematic knowledge of concepts and principles in the specific area of legal or socio-legal study chosen by the individual student; develop powers of analysis, synthesis, application and evaluation within the framework of the topic chosen; develop advanced research skills; promote awareness of the range of specialist resources available for study of the chosen area.

Optional modules

International Commercial Arbitration

The module aims to enable students to demonstrate the ability to identify, describe, and analyse the different forms of international commercial arbitration in the private international commercial domains, and compare the advantages and disadvantages of international commercial arbitration with other tribunals and alternative means of resolving commercial disputes; the ability to describe and evaluate the cultural, commercial, professional and other influences on the choice of and conduct of international commercial arbitration and international commercial arbitrators; the capacity to describe and explain the nature of, and the necessity for, arbitral institutions, and analyse the application and effectiveness of institutional arbitration rules, terms and procedures

International Taxation Law
Law of International Sales
Legal Aspects of Electronic Commerce
Multinational Corporate Entities
Intellectual Property
Foreign Direct Investment Arbitration
International Economic Law
International Project Finance Law