Admission to courses at WIUT will be based on the approved admission criteria for the University of Westminster (UK London). The overriding principle upon which admission decisions are based is that applicants should benefit from and succeed on the course. Intending students will have to meet age, English language, Mathematics, educational background and other requirements.

When my mathematics entrance exam results will be available?

The mathematics entrance exam results are published in your personal cabinet in the WIUT admission system one month after the exam takes place.

I have not received notification about my results, what should I do?
What are the entry requirements for transferring study to WIUT?
How and whom can I contact with on admission issues?
Can my friend study instead of me in case if I refuse to accept my offer (conditional, unconditional)?
Is it allowed to be enrolled with previous years’ Math exam results?
If I cannot come on the Math exam date, what should I do?
Can I change my Math exam date beforehand on admission system?
Can I review my exam paper?
Is it allowed to load IELTS documents later than the deadline?
If I made a mistake during registration to WIUT admission system, what action can I take?
I encountered technical problem during the application process, what should I do?
Application Process