Career Development Centre – is a unique place that aims to enhance the skills and qualifications of WIUT students, assist in finding suitable job and establishing successful career path. We are trying to provide trustworthy guidance at every stage of your career development path, from choosing your major to developing your resume for interviewing with employers from the Top Companies.

PHONE: +998(71) 238 74 08
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LOCATION: University Library
WORKING HOURS: Mon-Fri | 9 am - 6 pm
LUNCH TIME: 1 pm - 2 pm


Vision of Career Centre

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Every student who graduates should have a skills, tools and resources to success on their career. Every graduate should have a job that perfectly suits his/her strengths and aspirations, where he/she demonstrates high level of professionalism. Career Centre assesses Students & Alumni with identifying and defining their Career Goals by engaging a comprehensive Career Development Process.

Our mission

2CDC Mission is to provide integrated services to the students in order to encourage them to take full responsibility for their own career development. In collaboration with the external community, we provide Industry Trends & Insights to enrich the Academic Experience. Through partnering employers with the University we bridge the Gap between Academia and World of Business.



  • Provide comprehensive information resources on career development skills;
  • Provide counseling and advice services; 
  • Enhance students’ employability ; 
  • Establish and maintain fruitful relationship between the University and employers; 
  • Maintain a good relationship with alumni students

Employment Rate

Graduates are employed or continue to study in the first six months.