Westminster International University in Tashkent pays a great attention to the development of sports, promotion of healthy lifestyle, not only among the students but also its staff members, by creating necessary facilities. ​The most eagerly anticipated event – the Staff Sports Day was held at WIUT on May 11, 2018.

Four teams "Leader", "Veterans", "Friendship" and "Victory", consisted of the University and lyceum staff members, competed with each other on that day. Event was held at the Sports Centre of WUIT. Organisers of the event arranged various sports games that made the contest very interesting and exciting, and all participants of the competition really enjoyed them.

Moreover, family members of some participants supported them watching their enjoyable “effort” for the victory. They believe that these sport events serve for favourable health and relationship among the WUIT staff, and surely, for fun. Participants received certificates from the administration of the university and experience of positive emotions.

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