Culture days: KVN Featured

Published in Archive 2017-2018

One of the beloved humour shows of the country is KVN. In Westminster International University in Tashkent we also love this show and that is why one of days of ongoing “Culture week” is dedicated to this famous and historical humour contest full of joy and fun. The contest was held on April 27th and 3teams competed with each other to obtain the title of the funniest and wittiest. WIUT was presented by “Like”, the other teams were “Golovolomka”  and  “18+”.

This extracurricular activity of WIUT students is directed to develop presentation and acting skills, to improve intellectual improvisational abilities, it also help students to be more involved into University’s social life. Traditionally KVN consists of several parts such as Greeting, Warm-up and Music competition, Homework, STEM, Captains’ contest, BRIZ, Biathlon, Freestyle etc. This time organizers decided to judge according to Greeting, Video contest and Warm-up with audience. The competition was judged by the WIUT vice-rector Nizomjon Kadirov, KVN Premier League champion Alexander Po and.