WIUT @25 Development Strategy

Published in WIUT Strategy 2018

WIUT @25 Development Strategy is an ambitious and at the same time achievable plan that articulates our vision for the next 10 years and will lead us to the University’s 25th Anniversary. The strategy is founded on the idea that the university will continue to provide and improve its facilities in a way that our capable and motivated students will be able to broaden their horizons, build up competences and better demonstrate them.
As the University grows and embraces inclusiveness, it is important that the strategic planning ensures that all units work in the same corporate and cultural direction to achieve the University’s strategic goals. To this end, the staff members are invited to carefully study, implement and provide feedback on these development strategies, corporate policies and practices.
WIUT @25 Development Strategy is considered to be a key document in both long-term and short-term institutional planning, providing a focus for the University’s efforts over the next ten years. It is going to act as a strategic guideline for resource allocation to maximise progress and effectiveness of services provided by the University and the departments. The goals set are very conceptual and provide flexibility for the University’s units to collectively implement them by developing their own objectives in support of the strategy.
We believe the strategy is to help colleagues within the WIUT and the external stakeholders to think of the ways they can best contribute to the University’s overall strategic development.